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About Pulse

Pulse is a complete cloud-based real-time Car Wash Management system that provides car wash owners, operators and investors with the systems and technology to manage and understand almost every aspect of day-to-day site operations from single Express Car Wash sites to multi-site Full Service Car Wash operations.

Our Story

Pulse has a solid foundation and has been helping customers increase revenue with smart and simple proven technologies for over a decade.

We began adapting the order and customer engine of Pulse for the car wash industry in 2018 and have expanded the features and functions over time to a complete set of integrated technologies that have been proven to increase customer revenue and loyalty across several different type of car wash operations.

We are proud to present Pulse – Advanced Car Wash Management as a complete hosted technology solution for car wash operators of any size.

Our Philosophy

Pulse is the magic wand for the car wash industry

The Pulse Team
Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by determination and persistence,
is the quality that most frequently makes for success.
Rob Sacco, Waves Carwash

Our Services

Increase Revenue 24/7

Pulse combines digital technologies in a powerful integrated solution – such as Wash Club, Partner Portal, Mobile App, E-commerce and customer sign-ups via subscription. Pulse includes promotions, vouchers, incentives and loyalty rewards making it easy to grow customer loyalty and increase the bottom line.

Kiosks & LPR

The touch screen driveway Kiosk System and License Plate Recognition (LPR) are integrated into Pulse. The Kiosk System makes it easy for car wash operators to easily define self-serve wash selections and add-on options. The LPR system captures a vehicle image and takes appropriate action based on the plate read – such as recognising returning Wash Club customers.

Real-time Information

Live dashboard and reports track every revenue stream with utilization trends that make it easy to create incentives and specials to reflect customer spending patterns. Pulse accounts for every dollar sold or collected and provides access to business data remotely 24/7 anywhere in the world.

Self Serve / IBA

Pulse supports a wide range of self-serve equipment and manufacturers. An intelligent hardware monitoring device is installed in each self-serve machine to capture, count and report all cash and card transactions. Equipment can be activated by customers or staff using a simple QR code.

Mobile App

The Pulse App is tailored to your customers and your business to lock-in brand loyalty by making the customer experience easy with up to date technology. Customer and Partners can easily pre-purchase wash services, activate self-serve equipment, track their rewards and manage their subscriptions.

Fully Supported

Our team work closely with our customers during the implementation of Pulse to ensure you are trained in each aspect of the system before live operation. Ongoing Pulse support is included as part of the managed service fee. Software updates are also included as part of the service fee with new features and functions generally available to all Pulse customers.

The Pulse team are fantastic to deal with and have proven very reliable
We would highly recommend Pulse to all operators and must be considered if you are looking at investing into a new car wash. Devon, The Wash Club

Our Team

A fusion of 20+ years of IT development and Car Wash innovation.

direct Internet Australia

direct Internet Australia


The DIA team have a wealth of experience delivering successful projects in a wide range of industries and business sectors. Our hosted technology solutions have been developed to deliver hassle free, cost effective solutions for companies of any size.


Waves Carwash


Waves Carwash is internationally recognised as global leader in the Australian professional car washing industry. Waves has the highest regard for investment in its people, technology, best in class procedures, innovation and of course an exceptional customer service. The fabric of our culture is to attract ordinary people, train, educate and inspire so they have a positive impact each day on their own lives and those of our customers.

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